KrissArt: Underground sensuality!

KrissArt: Underground sensuality!


Digital artist Kriss has been exercising her creativity in different visual communication sectors, as an artistic director and graphic designer, since 1986 and boasts extensive experience at communication agencies in Paris and Toulouse.

This contemporary artist and graduate of the Metz School of Fine Arts also engages in photography, illustration, graphic arts and, most recently, digital art, in which she expresses femininity.

It was during a trip to NYC that she explored, with love and emotion, the birthplace of the street art that is so close to her heart. That trend has inspired her to portray urban female sensuality through a series of digital pieces entitled KrissArt & Women Pop Art Digital.

This “underground sensuality” depicts models and stars on a chic, urban, rock ‘n’ roll road trip, immersed in a resolutely sensual and sexy street art décor.


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