Leïla LOTFI – Praise to the woman

Leïla LOTFI – Praise to the woman


Winner of a fashion design contest, Leila Lotfi pursued her studies at Collège Lasalle in Montreal. Following her graduation in 1991, she chose to move towards the world of advertising ,a field where creation has a major place. Her twenty years of work were marked by the creation of her own advertising agency.


Meanwhile, her everlasting need to create things enabled her to explore different areas until the day she was spellbound facing a painting …She immediately bought the necessary material to begin the adventure of painting and devoted herself to this passion …Since 2013, painting has become part of her daily life; it is not only a passion: it is a vital need!

Leila Lotfi oscillates between two themes that seem to be different; however they have a common thread; they narrate stories of women:

First of all , the artist presents, with a mixture of strength and mildness, close-ups of faces and shots of characters’ lives. They are joyful, light and delicate and evolving in a bold colors palette.


Technically, her style combines the precision of the figurative art and the impulse of the abstract art. The artist has a particular fondness for mixed techniques where different materials fit together quite naturally moving from the voluptuousness of the smooth to the vigor of the rough and from transparency to layers.

“I am a self-taught painter, I must say that I am proud of my status that allows me the freedom to create without intellectualizing my creations. When I am painting, I simply let myself be carried away by my desires, my feelings and my sensations, I find in the observation of women’s different faces, an inexhaustible source of inspiration….”


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