David Cumps: The Duke of Color!

David Cumps: The Duke of Color!

David Cumps


David Cumps is a Belgian artist, born in Brussels on August 20, 1968. The illustrator, painter and digital artist, also known as DUC (DUKE in English), merges all of these facets of his work to produce positive, colorful images. His drawings are always done on paper, then inked and scanned for digital colorization. Each piece is then redone in acrylics, cut out and pasted on canvas to produce a 3D effect.

After a few correspondence courses on drawing and a brief stint at the art academy, he decided to give free rein to his inspiration, as a self-taught artist. The aim of DUC’s approach is positive and always optimistic, regardless of the subject matter that he is tackling.


Learn more about the artist at: http://www.artmajeur.com/en/artist/davidcumps.

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