In the lens of Guilhem Ribart

In the lens of Guilhem Ribart

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A graduate of an elite French business school and with more than 12 years’ experience in consultancy in strategy and management of information systems, Guilhem Ribart was immersed from an early age in the world of new technologies.

Fairly late on, in 2003, he acquired his very first camera, a Konica compact, that set him on his way. His first reflex, a Canon 350D, bought in 2005, enabled him to acquire the fundamentals of photography.

Two years later, Guilhem swapped his Canon for his first reflex Pentax, the brand he has stayed with ever since.

His initiatory meeting in 2009 with Simon Wheatley, at that time a photographer for the Magnum agency, permanently confirmed his interest for social photography and his passion for enhancing light and contrasts.

Becoming a professional photographer in 2011 on the occasion of his first exhibition at La Grande Motte on the theme of the architecture of contrasts, Guilhem has made his passion an art de vivre involving travelling and the discovery of new cultures.

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A member of the UPI (United Photographers International) since September 201 3, his photographs have been selected to be among the finalists on 36 occasions in major international competitions (Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Egypt, Greece, Holland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey) organized in 2014 under the patronage of PSA / FIAP / UPI. His work has been shown this year in Cairo and Beijing and will soon be in Abu Dhabi, Johannesburg and Dubai.

His photographic collection consists mainly of photos from his many stays in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Thailand, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Africa, with a set of portraits, architectural details, landscapes and street photography snaps.

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