Laurence Jenkell brings candy to life

Laurence Jenkell brings candy to life

Laurence Jenkell


The sculptress from the Alpes-Maritimes Department is completely self-taught. In the mid-1990s, she began to create art on her own.

Her work gradually led her to experiment with a variety of techniques, such as embedding, stitching, firing, molding and more. She then became a master of plexiglass, which allowed her to produce her “wrappings.”

She used this technique to create the sculpture Bonbon (Candy), which she had been planning for years. The combination of her ”wrapping” process with a twisting motion is what produces her unique works of art.  Her candies are not just messages of sweetness; they also represent twists, tangles and resistance. Her sculptures have allowed her to exorcise certain demons of her childhood and to question her own history.

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