THE artist to follow: STALE

THE artist to follow: STALE

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About Stale:

Action painting portraits of the artist STALE. These huge size paintings have an explosive energy. With his dripping technique he literally throws the paint on the canvas.
With his own developed unique mixing techniques he creates a crystal clear effect which makes the colors more sharper and intense.

Personal note:

I’m an autodidact artist from Amsterdam who creates large acrylic portraits through a dripping

technique. I started my profession artist career just last year in 2015. I have worked “under the radar” for almost 5 years to find my own unique style. The paintings range in size from 59 inch till 75 inch, and I would use 6 to 12 litres of acrylic paint for each work.


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Curriculum Vitae STALE AMSTERDAM

April 2015:
Participate TV show Kunstuur / van Gogh museum AVRO/ Tros van Gogh contest

May 2015:
CAWA Open Gallery Route Amsterdam Island

July 2015: Museumsquare Art Square Amsterdam

October 2015:
ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) Solo expo AMF Amsterdam ArenA Solo expo

April 2016:
Art Expo New York Solo

April 2016: Hermitage Museum Amsterdam

May 2016:
Art Shopping Paris (MECENAVIE’s Gallery)

September 2016: Berlinner Liste Berlin

October 2016:
The Other Artfair London

October 2016: Amsterdam Dance Event Amsterdam

November 2016: Spectrum Miami (Art Basel Miami) (MECENAVIE’s Gallery)





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