The comic of Charles de Wit

The comic of Charles de Wit

Charles de Wit MECENAVIE

Initially influenced by René Magritte, the artist moves towards surrealism. It takes a different direction in the years ’85, approaching the new figuration. “His works depict grotesque, burlesque, deliberately deformed, unfinished while in motion. His brush strokes, precise and strong, do not fail to heighten curiosity, as the artist is full of imagination. After this period, for almost ten years, he tried to abstraction. “And these times of plots in tensions arise paintings. Fugues dominated the red (neither blood nor Coke or poppy or skirt), are animated movements, gross features of abyssal depths. Moreover, they are whirlpools, hurricanes ways that fail to contain the boundaries of tables: these are exteriorized. “(Alain Debaisieux)

He also made a series of Kimonos, painted on burlap, used for the costumes of Gilles of Binche. “(…) Kimonos ignite all orange, gray trolling skies, sparkling white feather hats … the brushstrokes are streamers, enhanced by a black background with a rear square shape recalls the obi; this wide and long silk sash tied pincushion. “(Mr. Pauwels)

Charles De Wit finally returns to the expressionist figuration in 2008. Painter of earthiness, humanist or mask is omnipresent in the spirit (James Ensort, Max Beckman, Otto Dix).


Province of Hainaut. – City of Ligny, City of Anderlues, SONACA Gosselies, PLASTISART to JUMET, The Firm PIRNAY in Charleroi, Belgium Private collection, France, Germany, Engleterre



1st Prize André Toetenel 1978 – Brussels 1 Prix Marcel Gibon 1980 -Charleroi

1 Grand Prix René Thewissen in Oupeye, 2009

1st Prize DUMA 2009 Ecaussinnes,

1st Jury Prize -House Tourism Art-ride 2009 in Charleroi,

1st prize at the poster competition for Carnival Anderlues 2011

1st Prize “figurative painting” in 32nd Beloeil Show 2011

1st Prize in the Grand Prix at Dieudonné Jacobs SPA Casino 2011

Winner of the 8th Biennial Baron Pierre Paulus at the Châtelet in 2011 Named Knight Acamicien to WORLD ART ACADEMIA Price <Art Achievement Award in 2015 TOULON Gold of the European Institute of Arts Medal Comtemporain TOULON

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