Jesse: inspiration from a dark past

Jesse: inspiration from a dark past

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Jesse was 18 years of age when she began painting.  With her Gothic teenage years behind her, she turned her attentions to studying the plastic arts after taking the baccalaureate, starting by joining a life drawing workshop, before going on to study illustration at a private college and later completing her education studying painting at Versailles’s Ecole des Beaux-Arts. After completing her studies she worked in the luxury sector for a period before becoming a full-time visual

artist in Paris’s Marais district, where she currently lives and works. The artist manages her own website alone and has complete control over every aspect of her artistic output. Her painting reflects the duality of day and night and her canvases express her contrasting personality through their colourful, feminine and glamorous nature. Her research focuses primarily on the portrait, with her subjects varying but virtually always alone. It is a rather minimalist, photographic style, which is what makes it original. The influences of her adolescence and of her current dual personality are therefore evident in her work.

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